Traditional Shop


From the first sight, this store gives the impression that here we have something unique! The Traditional Shop of Manolis Theonas is located in the village of Filoti, on Naxos island, and it is full of items from another era. With history that dates back in 1952, it exudes its original age through its traditional utensils and instruments and creates a sense of museum space that makes you nostalgic in the years of your grandparents and your parents. In every corner, the colors and scents of the past appear through a wide variety of old household utensils, woven baskets, aluminum wine pitchers, demijohns, old argicultural tools, but also herbs, spices, wines, olive oil, local sweets and authentic Naxian products. A must-visit spot on Naxos island to buy authentic Greek items and products and to admire a landmark of local history and folklore!

Theonas Traditional Store

Naxos island, Filoti – Cyclades, Greece

Tel.: +30 2285 031412